Frequently asked questions


Viola is Israel’s leading technology-focused investment group with over $3 billion assets under management. We have over 200 companies in our portfolio with offices in Israel and around the world, all of whom offer exciting career opportunities from time to time.

We have developed this website to help our portfolio companies promote their open positions, and for job hunters who want convenient access to job listings at these sought-after companies.

We do not process any job applications ourselves. Rather, we aggregate job vacancies from our portfolio companies in this conveniently searchable portal, and direct potential candidates to our portfolio company websites when they see positions they might want to apply for.

You can search for jobs in 4 different ways (all available from the website’s navigation menu):

1. Search by job function: This will allow you to search by job categories like Sales and Business Development, Marketing, R&D and development, etc.

2. Search by location: This is pretty self-explanatory. Search by country to find relevant jobs vacancies in companies located near you.

3. Search by company: If you want to work in a particular company, browse through the different companies listed in our website and click on companies that interest you to learn more about them and apply for any relevant open positions.

4. Search by title: Use the search bar at the top of the Browse Jobs page to search for jobs by job title.

Feel free to browse through the site and read as many of our job listings as you like. When you see a position that interests you, click the “Apply Here” button and you will be directed to the corresponding position page on the relevant company’s website. Once there, follow their instructions on how to apply (the process may vary from company to company).

NOTE: When you click the “Apply here” button in our job listings, you are not actually applying for the job yet. You are simply being directed to the corresponding position page on the relevant company’s website.

It depends: Sometimes you might receive an automatic reply which acknowledges receipt of your application and explains the follow-up process, sometimes you might be contacted by an HR manager after he/she has reviewed your CV, and sometimes you may not receive a reply at all (in some companies, they only respond to applicants whose CVs are suitable for the position). The response policy and timeframe vary from company to company.

We may have job openings from time to time, and if we do, we will publish them right here under our own company name (Viola).

When you search for jobs by Company, each company listing includes an “About” tab which lists the company’s website information and contact details. We are not directly involved in our portfolio companies’ recruitment processes, so if you contact any of the companies, it is up to you to follow up with them.

This website “pulls” job listings automatically from the websites of our portfolio companies, so the jobs we display change in real time when our portfolio companies add or remove job listings from their websites.

For example, when a new job is added in one of our portfolio company websites, it is also added in this website. Or if a position is filled and a job listing is removed from one of our portfolio company websites, it is removed from our website too.

This website is designed to aggregate all of the open positions in one place, for your convenience.

If the position is no longer available, you will be redirected to the home page so that you can start a new search for another relevant position. If you get an error page, please contact us to let us know so that we can fix it!

Some jobs attract many applicants, and it is not possible for the HR managers to personally respond to all of them. In these cases, they usually only respond personally to applicants whose CVs are highly suitable based on the job requirements specified, including level of experience, education, etc.

If you are consistently failing to hear back from companies you are applying to, it might be because you are not sufficiently qualified compared with other applicants, so you might want to consider how suitable you are to some positions before you apply to them (or at least to keep your expectations for a response realistic).

Alternatively, perhaps the low response rate is due to other factors, like a badly presented or poorly written CV. We recommend that you read some of the articles in our “Useful Articles” section, as they may help you address problems that might affecting the low response rate from recruiters.